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People visit a restaurant to eat, but the best and most popular restaurants offer more than great food and a variety of choices; they also boast extraordinary concept design.

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Whether you want to renovate your restaurant or are in the stages of opening one, when coming up with the design, consider the concept of your dining establishment first. Is it Italian, French, Asian, casual dining, or fast food? Your restaurant concept should then translate to its interior. This basically means that if you specialize in Japanese cuisine, your restaurant shouldn’t be decorated like an Italian bistro.

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The theme of your restaurant should also already be evident when your customers walk in. They should be met with the sights and sounds appropriate to your type of restaurant. In addition, you can make sure your restaurant concept is consistent by matching the look and feel of your establishment with your branding. Your clientele will always tie the two together so ensure that your interior, packaging, menu, advertisements, website, and even the exterior blend well together.

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Developing your concept can take anywhere from a few weeks to six months depending on your creative team members and your experience at creating similar projects. The concept development is significantly more than just defining the food served, the service, the interior design, or simply put, what your business is going to look like when finished. 

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Conceptualising goes way beyond that, as it involves a whole host of other interconnected considerations such as vision, value proposition and differentiation point, industry research and innovation, design, branding and marketing, management and culinary team, strategy, financial modelling and much more. 

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Setting your restaurant apart from the competition is all about creating your differentiation point. At its best, for many start uppers, the element of “differentiation” is to mimicking a particular restaurant they have in mind as a “role model” and implementing it by changing one or two components of its concept. That is not exactly what we call innovation, right? That “competitive advantage” is worthless and eventually will go down in a ball of flames.

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