Small Dining Room Design Ideas

Just because your home doesn’t have room for a full, formal dining room doesn’t mean you still can’t create a great space for entertaining. Working with a small dining space can be tough, but with a little planning and forethought, you can make nearly any amount of square footage work for you.

1. Round Dining Table


 A round dining table is one of the best shapes for small gatherings since everyone can see everyone else, conversations are easier to carry on, and the setting feels cozier and more intimate.

2. Work every inch in your dining room


In an astounding feat of multitasking design, this room serves as an entryway, laundry room, and dining space—and it looks gorgeous too.

3. Choose light furniture


In interior design, it’s important to consider proportion, or the relationship in size between all the objects in the space. While that may sound vague, it just means you should make an effort to source objects that look appropriately sized for the room, rather than pieces that feel like they’ve been stuffed in or are drowning in open space.

4. Theme a nook


If your small dining area is tucked away in a corner, give it an instant update with a theme. Include flourishes of colour in accessories, soft furnishings and wall art to give the space its own character. 

5. Creating Smart Multifunctional Dining Area


In the era of open-plan homes and mobile electronic devices, home designs are incorporating more multifunctional rooms into their floor plans.

6. Create a cozy dinner corner

فضای غذاخوری

Incorporate soft, cozy furniture. Include a couch in natural wood or chenille in warm brown or tan hues. Add a stylish recliner to the mix to provide a furniture piece with optimal comfort properties. 

7. Create a Minimal Dining Area


Even these stools can fit into the minimalist aesthetic, mimicking the lines of the kitchen cabinetry and making the room feel bigger and more open.

8. Make it a family matter


Create a fun, friendly kitchen-diner that the whole family can enjoy. Blend a corner banquette with white walls and white décor to make it nearly invisible. 

9. By the window


This dining space is not much wider than its window, but it has been maximized with the addition of built-in bench seating. Include storage under benches so you are not wasting any space. 

10. Paint Color Ideas

میزهای غذاخوری

Dining rooms can do a lot of things blend in, serve as transitions, or have a personality all their own. And nothing sets the tone of a dining room like the right wall color.

11. Make the most of existing features


Use a window to add interest. The view of a well stocked garden, open countryside or cityscape can be all that’s needed to add interest and beauty to small dining room. 

12. Pick a colour palette


Go for a single-colour decorating scheme in a small dining room. In this space, the same pale grey shade has been used on walls, fireplace, table and chairs so that the backdrop seems to recede, making the room feel larger than it really is. 

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