Classic Kitchen Design Ideas

Classic kitchen cabinets are the unpainted canvas of kitchen design. They are no-frills with minimal additional adornments, but they allow for other styles to combine effortlessly. They also let you express your design aesthetic and personality via an infinite number of accentuating accessories and additions.

These Kitchens Designed By Cucine Lube s.r.l

Bologna Project

Simplicity is what defines a classic kitchen, and this should reflect in all of its aspects, including cabinets. Don’t use raised or flat panel doors that we mostly find in more contemporary kitchens. A shaker style cabinet door should meet all your requirements. 

Diverso Project

Shaker style cabinets never truly go out of style. With adequate rooms for storage and a subtle appearance that will compliment your sink and countertops, shaker style cabinets are a tried and true investment for any kitchen design. 

Florence Project

The best thing about a classic kitchen and its neutral colors with simple cabinet doors is that they are adaptable to change if you want to switch things up later on. 

Lago Project

Nothing speaks simplicity more than antique brass or wooden handles on those cabinets. With a few shaker style cabinet handles, your kitchen will be more roomy, as well as more comfortable in its design.

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