Modern Kitchen – Clover Project

In a modern kitchen you will see most of the things are hidden inside pantry cupboards. Other than cupboards for storing spices, condiments and groceries, you will also find drawers for storing pots and pans which create a neat kitchen space.

Kitchen hood and hob plays a major role when arranging your modern kitchen layout. As there are various designs available for kitchen hoods and hobs, you can easily select a stunning design for your dream kitchen.

Wood was popular in mid-century design due to its rustic simplicity. Wood veneers, as in this kitchen, are now becoming popular. They are a more affordable option than solid wood and there is an enormous variety of wood species and colour from which to choose.

Bar stools are another way to incorporate modern style, and there are many choices on the market by original Scandinavian designers.

If your kitchen includes a dining area, such as this one, carry the modern style through to the dining table, chairs and lighting. 

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