The Impact of Music in Restaurant

When patrons are dining at your restaurant, they  don’t always pay attention to your overhead background music, but that doesn’t mean they’re not affected by it. Subconsciously, the music you choose for your restaurant has a tremendous impact on perception, and can seriously influence what items you sell, how big your tickets are, and how long your customers will stay.


The pace of your overhead music also has a strong impact on how your customers eat and drink. Choosing the wrong speed could have different impacts on your diner’s experiences even if you pick the right genre, volume, and mix.

The volume of your music can have a significant impact on how your customers react in your restaurant. Louder music tends to drive customers out of an establishment faster, which might actually be the goal for some fast casual restaurants.

You might want to turn tables faster and make room for other customers by increasing the volume during busy hours.

Customers are unable to comfortably keep talking, so they move from your restaurant to someplace quieter to continue their conversations.


However, the benefits of turning tables can also have drawbacks. The same studies that discovered the benefits of louder music also found that appetites are lowered when loud music plays and customers aren’t able to perceive taste as well. Your customers might order less or enjoy their food less, reducing the likelihood that they will return in the near future.


According to the industry blog, playing the wrong or inappropriate music at your brand can reduce overall sales by 4%. Considering playing the right music can increase sales by 5%, brands stand to face a 9% difference in sales between their competition just by making poor choices in music.

Simply choosing uptempo music to move customers through your restaurant can have damaging effects if it’s not the style or genre that your customers prefer.

Before selecting music to play, restaurant owners should consider their target demographics, ages, income levels, and music preferences.


Ideally, the music choices of your target audience will match that of your restaurant brand, or you may need to think about how you’re reaching and selling to your customers.

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