Is what used to be an essential room in the home soon to become a thing of the past?

The dining room, it seems, is going out of fashion. Meals are eaten around the kitchen (island, table or sink) or, more likely, on the coffee table at an hour our grandparents would probably consider to be “bedtime.” We’re all busier than ever, working longer than ever.


Busy lives, with family members getting home at different times and tucking into meals at varying hours leads us to be more likely to make the most of an open-concept kitchen. With open-plan living, one member of the family can tuck into a delicious meal sitting at the kitchen table, while having a conversation with another who’s cooking or doing homework – moving away from traditions and towards a focus of comfort and everyone coming together, oppose to formalities.


Yet, as far as building trends go, the dining room has become more of a fixture in modern day homes. According to a U.S. Census survey that focused on the evolution of new American homes by decade, 46.9 percent of homes constructed before 1960 had dining rooms, compared to 50.6 percent of homes constructed between 2005 and 2009. Keuber chalks up these numbers to the fantasy that often is involved with decorating and designing a new home.

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